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In Aromas del Campo we began our journey as a company in 1986, in Valencia. At that time our specialty was the manufacturing of potpourris of dried flowers and aroma- tic products. A few years later we started to make small glass table lamps filled with dried flowers. Since then, and once consolidated in the lighting sector, we moved our activity to the town of Bétera (Valencia), where we centralized production and international distribution of our lighting products.

We bet on technological design, functional and affordable lamps, with pure and simple lines but without neglecting the forms of Aromas. In this collection we focus on traditionally relegated materials to the construction finishes and decorative complements, such as marble, wood or ceramic. However, our main materials continue to be metal and glass, combined in a diversion of solidity and lightness that results in elegant and timeless pieces.

At Aromas del Campo we believe in the commitment of companies as part of the change towards a greener future. For this reason, we have developed a strategic plan to promote the change of the company towards a more sustainable model in the coming years.

Founded in Valencia


Sustainability influences each of the decisions we make from the first sketch to the packaging study.The development of a new collection is based on the following 3 principles: Product durability, efficiency of lighting systems and the products will facilitate their reuse, recycling and disposal at the end of their useful life.

Zero carbon footprint

We are in a first phase in which we are installing solar panels on the roof of our factory, and we have implemented electric charging stations for our vehicles and those of our workers. With these measures and future decisions, we want to move towards a model in which our carbon footprint is practically zero.

Packing more respectful

Our commitment is because our new collections use recyclable packaging, thus avoiding materials that damage the environment.

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Do you have questions about our professional collection, certificates, materials, fairs, distributors and agents? Contact us: we are happy to help you develop your idea or project. We put our technical and commercial area at your disposal.

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