1. AROMAS DEL CAMPO reserves right to modify, without notice, prices in current catalogue and discontinue products.
  2. Delivery dates are not complaining, AROMAS DEL CAMPO will attempt to fulfill them, however, cannot be held accountable under any case.
  3. Discount rates can be modified at any moment. 
  4. Services offered by any company related to AROMAS DEL CAMPO distribution of products; like replacement of lamps, components, shipping of tester products, are covered by AROMAS DEL CAMPO.
  5. All products are property of AROMAS DEL CAMPO until complete claim settlement.
  6. Client accepts the conditions mentioned in this document.
  7. AROMAS DEL CAMPO reserves right to declare a client account null if commercial agreement terms are not met.


  1. In order to sell or publish any AROMAS DEL CAMPO product on the internet, an agreement must be signed.
  2. The display of photographs of products or similar to AROMAS DEL CAMPO in websites must have specified authorization by the company.


  1. The given prices are the suggested retail prices without VAT.
  2.  The pricing do not include bulbs or shades except when mentioned.
  3.  This Price list nullify any other Price list.


  1. All orders must be sent via email with reference codes, names, colors and if shades and bulbs are needed.


  1. All orders must be paid in advance by wire transfer with proforma number in description.
  2. In case of orders that require customized products or for projects orders, the company will re- quire total payment or 50% advanced payment.
  3. Payment delays for holidays or festivities will not be accepted.
  4. The delivery date is determined by the circumstances from the date in which the proforma is paid.
  5. The client is not authorized to claim any incident if it is not in writing.
  6. The company reserves right to deny orders if the client does not comply with payment commitments.


  1.  Transportation costs are calculated according to order and destination.
  2.  If client requires urgent shipment, additional costs will be applied.


  1. Any visible damage in packaging must be notified to shipping company upon receival.
  2. Claims will be accepted 5 working days after receiving order.
  3. Claims must be sent via email to account manager with photos and description If the above points are not met, the claim can be disqualified.
  4. Claims will be accepted 5 working days after receiving order.
  5. Damage claims are not included except if proved to be manufacturing flaw by AROMAS DEL CAMPO.


  1. If a third party wishes to repair a product before being returned to factory, it must be authorized by AROMAS DEL CAMPO.
  2. The product must be packed correctly and in the original box.
  3. Once the product is received in factory, an approxi- mate price to repair will be issued.
  4. Transportation costs will be covered by client.
  5. In case the lamp has been discontinued, it can be repaired if the company has spare parts.
  6. All repairs will be charged.