Create your pendant

In this space, we present the possibility of generating your own multiple pendant based on any of our many individual pendants.

For this, we offer a series of special canopies with different shapes, sizes and finishes. You only have to choose between the following options.


Which pendant is ideal for your lamp? Search through our extensive catalog of individual pendants and choose the ideal one for your idea and space.


Shape and measurements of the canopy. Check the space where the lamp will be installed and check which size and shape best suits it.

Canopy measures


300 x 300 x 45 mm
500 x 500 x 45 mm
700 x 700 x 45 mm


400 x 400 x 45 mm
600 x 400 x 45 mm


700 x 250 x 45 mm
700 x 45 x 45 mm

Examples of compositions

Do you have questions?

Contact us, we are happy to help you develop your idea or project.

We put our technical and commercial area at your disposal.