From Aromas, we offer this area focused on any professional in the sector, who wants to have and expand the information on our models.

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We would love to collaborate on your projects working with you on every phase of the creative process.Here you can find all the necessary materials to develop your project with us.

Catalogue 2021

This year we wanted to offer a more human, closer and more intimate vision, Behaviors Around Light, is a concept that recreates the sensations and behaviors around our lamps.

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We have created this WEBSITE so that you can develop your projects faster and easier. In the detail of each product you will find all the necessary resources to incorporate our products into your projects from 2D and 3D files, Images, Technical sheets, etc.


Discover our range of colors and finishes available to generate your own design.


Create personalized combinations with our different accessories and materials such as alabaster, straw, glass, ceramic


Sustainability influences each of the decisions we make from the first sketch to the packaging study.