It is essential to inspect the goods prior to installation/handling, in order to detect any superficial or functional
damage, resulting from transport or production incidents.
In case of manipulation, the right to claim will be lost, and the incident will be communicated to our customer service ( who will indicate how to proceed.

Return conditions

AROMAS DEL CAMPO understands as reasons of returns:
1.1 Manufacturing defect.
1.2 Breaking or loss during the transport of goods. (Needs to be notified to the transport first)
1.3 Other defects. Customized orders (no standard) will not be accepted.

Any merchandise return to AROMAS must be authorized by the AROMAS DEL CAMPO commercial department.

Return procedure

Any merchandise returned to AROMAS, must have been by prior notice by email, attaching all necessary documents (pictures, invoice).

To retun merchandise, you should make a complaint by email attaching all kind of graphic information about the incident.

You have to send the complaint to the original email where requested the order giving the number order and delivery note.

Business hours: Monday to Friday, 09:30h at 14:00h and 15:30 until 19:00h.

Return deadline

Any claim will not be accepted after 4 working days from goods reception date. If you have a warehouse, please ask for an inspection.


Return transportation costs will be paid and arranged by the custumer. The responsability during the transport will go in the charge of the custumer.

If the reason of return is a breaking or loss due to transportation, you should notify immediately during the reception of the goods.


The merchandise returned, must be perfectly packed and in its original packaging. All the components should be well fixed and packed to avoid breakage or damage during transport.
If you do not have the original packaging, a similar box and packaging will be required. Not loose components on the box are allowed.
If the incident or defect only affects one part of the product, do not send the whole product, only the damage part correctly packed.